Hi, I’m Jimmy Shallow. I started Birmingham House of Cuts because I knew I had a lot more to offer my customers than just a haircut. I wanted to create a particular type of service and atmosphere that was conducive to all walks of life.
My business is a part of who I am, not just something that I do for money. I personally believe I did not choose to be a barber, I believe barbering chose me.


Coming from a small country and being blessed with the opportunity of business ownership, I say thanks to my Mom for teaching me entrepreneurship. At an early age, she taught me to share my blessings with others while keeping God first in everything.
I have taken the same standards and practices and implemented them in my business today by giving back. Birmingham House of Cuts not only enjoys giving back to our clients but also to our community.


A barber (from the Latin barba, "beard") is a person whose occupation is to cut, dress, groom, style and shave men's and boys' hair. We specialize in all types of haircuts, styles, beards, women's’ hair etc…
However, there is one thing that sets Birmingham House of Cuts apart.

Just plain good quality service.
As a model business in our community we stand for honesty and integrity, and we make them a priority in our daily routines.
We open early for our clients’ convenience and we do our best to stick to all scheduled appointments while working hard to not have you waiting all day.


If you ask our customers what they like most about us, they'll tell you, it’s the family atmosphere. We have great opinionated, yet respectful conversations.
We are generational barbers, and our customers continue to come back because we make them feel like family.

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